Aftercare leaflet

Click here to download a PDF of the Holistic Cocoon Aftercare Leaflet

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, after your treatment as it has kick-started the detox process. Keep a large glass or bottle nearby. Consider investing in a filter jug, there’s a wide range available on the market. To add natural flavour and boost your detox, try adding chopped up cucumber, lemon, lime, other citrus fruits or berries to the mix.

Literally just a few moments of simple stretching in the morning, or hourly if you work at a desk, can help leave you with less knots in your back, less tension in your neck and shoulders and less bags under your eyes. When our energy flows properly, our mood is improved and our glow is more obvious. Especially if you’ve never done anything like it yet, why not find a trial yoga or tai chi class?

LAUGH AND HAVE FUN, see your friends, watch or read comedy or try laughter yoga!

Honey & lemon in boiling water is an affordable and quality pick-me-up. Aloe Vera is a magic plant for anything from digestive problems or eczema to cuts and bruises. Burn essential oils to lift depression or use lavender spray for a better night’s sleep.


No pressure! Big overnight changes are hard to stick and can leave us likely to end up feeling guilty for not achieving our goals in our long-run. Building on a series of easily achievable and realistic ambitions, you are more likely to be successful in making long-term changes rather than yo-yoing in a vicious cycle. Pick something simple and personal to how you live your life, then try it out for a week. If it was a  struggle, try something easier the following week.  Keep building on small changes and don’t stress about it!  Enjoy your own journey to health at your pace.

For example, eat one piece of fruit a day, increase your fluid intake, take one less sugar in your tea or swap one hot drink a day for a herbal tea.