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Introductory Healing Reiki Massage

The Introductory Healing Reiki Massage includes your initial consultation to identify any areas where your well-being could be improved. This is followed by mini Total Cocoon experience featuring Reiki Healing with Indian Head Massage and acupressure techniques complete with a back, neck and shoulder rub to soothe out all that tension and help you feel better than ever!  This bargain price makes it easy for anyone to try a Healing Reiki Massage because we believe that everyone should, but only one is available per new customer.

Recommended: Great for a first visit or as an affordable and fabulous gift for someone special in your life deserving of some pampering or if you would like to give a practical present to someone you care for who is feeling stressed-out or suffering with anxiety or depression. Sessions are also beneficial when coping with difficult changes in life or a loss or bereavement.

45 19
Mindfulness Cocoon

Realign and recall your inner-calm with the chakra clearing Mindfulness Cocoon session. During this fully-clothed and non-invasive treatment you will experience a stillness that encourages your body to take its natural steps to rejuvenate and repair itself and enhance your well-being.  You will be pampered with Reiki healing vibes, an Indian Head Massage and the subtle use of acupressure techniques. This light-touch treatment promotes deep relaxation. You are assisted into a state of tranquillity and your body’s natural healing abilities are stimulated. By alleviating stress from your system, you will feel better and many symptoms of dis-ease can be prevented or recovery can be assisted. Regular sessions will enhance your overall sense of well-being and are a self-care tool to soothe mind, body and soul.

Recommended: The Mindfulness Cocoon could be right for you if you’re not so into massage and looking for a different solution to feeling stressed out.  Treatments are particularly useful during detoxing, whenever you’re feeling run-down or coping with any major changes in life, relationship endings, loss or bereavement, and can assist improvement with a wide range of ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, eating and digestive disorder and women’s health issues. The subtle light-touch extended during the Mindfulness Cocoon makes it a beneficial option for chronic pain and arthritis. Some wonderful feedback has also been received from clients seeking support during medical-care for cancer, ME and fibromyalgia.

45 29
Or 3 for £79

Save £8

Baby Cocoon

The Baby Cocoon soothes with light-touch healing Reiki and subtle reflexology techniques blended with aromatherapy massage to calm both you and your baby in the case of a pregnancy massage, at a time of wonderful yet strenuous changes and when sleep is seldom. Much like our other Cocoon treatments, this is a quick way to catch up on some R&R, relieve sore spots like back pain, aid hormonal imbalances as well as improve your circulation and mobility. The Baby Cocoon however is tailored for just you – for instance, we carefully select suitable essential oils to use during pregnancy and use specific massage techniques. The duration of time spent lying down is adjusted for this treatment so that you can be well and focus on your bundle of joy.

Recommended: Perfect for new and expectant mums and dads too. What a fabulous Congratulations gift to help a friend or partner if they’ve been missing out on precious sleep recently. They will be thanking you as all their tensions are eased and they emerge feeling brand new and full of vitality… what a relief!

45 39
Or 3 for £109

Save £8

Total Body Cocoon

This is our ultimate signature treatment blending Reiki Healing with Indian Head Massage and acupressure techniques, complete with an aromatherapy back, neck, shoulder massage, followed by full-body therapeutic massage and grounding with Reflexology. This luxurious treatment will invigorate your senses, promote deep relaxation and leave you feeling completely pampered. It can also boost your mood, immunity, circulation and increase flexibility.

Recommended: A special VIP detox gift for someone amazing.  For ultimate pampering, general well-being and self-care as well as to ease muscular tension, menstrual tension, recovering from a cold or flu, and as a tool to combat stress, anxiety and depression.  Say goodbye to stress and tension today!

90 49
Or 3 for £129

Save £18